Why is it necessary to be registered?

Subscriber status (Account sign-up) will allow:

you can order any product with one click without having to fill in all your personal data again;
you can make a pre-order to any product that is not currently in stock, and you will be notified as soon as it comes back in stock;
you can rate product ratings and post comments;
you can receive a newsletter containing information about product promotions;

What is the advantage of an online order?

You have many advantages by placing an online order:

a) the order can be placed 24 hours regardless of the company’s working hours;

b) you can choose one of the payment and delivery methods that are convenient when placing the order;

c) save time, having the choice of delivering to the customer’s door;

d) reservation of products is done automatically when the order is registered, if they have the status “In stock”;

e) you benefit from the promotions announced in the Newsletter;

How can I pay for the goods?

Two payment methods are currently available:

  1. Pay via PAY PAL;
  2. Pay using a debit / credit card (if you do not have a PAY PAL account);
  3. Make your bank transfer directly to our account. Use the order number as a payment reference. The order will be shipped as soon as the funds have cleared in our account;



Fiscal Number (VAT Number):          RO36275037

Reg. Number:                                              J8/1424/2016


Address:   10, Alexandru Vlahuta Blvd., ITLC, Flat B, Floor 1, Of. E1,

                     Brasov, 500387, ROMANIA


Bank:          BRD, Brasov, ROMANIA


IBAN:          RO07BRDE080SV51899640800 (EUR)

When will be the order delivered?

Shipping will be made on the same day for orders paid until 11-00 on workdays. For orders paid after 11-00 or on weekend, shipping will be made on the next business day.

How do I cancel or edit an active order?

An active order can be canceled or changed contacting us at +40 (726) 026 978.

Are any synthetic fibers used during of the manufacturing of your products?

All shawls and scarves are made from pure natural 100% wool, which is not exposed to any kind of technical processing, which ensures high quality, softness and drapeability of the fabric. Silk shawls and scarves are made from 100% natural silk, weaved in China.

How correctly to dry a shawl which has got wet under a rain?

A wet shawl of a woolen cloth requires immediate drying, away from the direct heat sources. Do not dry woolen shawls in front of an open fire, on a radiator or under direct sunlight. Overheating makes the fiber brittle and leads to shrinkage.

What is the difference between different types of fringe?

The fringe is attached to hemmed shawls. Silk fringe is made of artificial silk-viscose – and it is of two kinds. Ordinary silk fringe is sewn to wrap and shawls of all sizes and consists of individual fringes attached to the edge of the shawls by a knot. Knitted silk fringe is used to decorate only expensive shawls 148х148 cm from compacted fabric and has 4 rows of cells, hand-knit from individual fringes pre-fastened to the edge of the shawls. Woolen fringe is used to decorate shawls of all sizes and also has the appearance of individual fringes, but they are hemmed to the edge of the kerchief by a special seam, in which the adjacent fringes hold each other. At the same time, the edge of the shawls turns out to be whipped with a thread, from which the fringes are made.

Is it possible to wash wool Pavlovo Posad shawls and scarves?

Wet treatment affects both dyes and wool itself. Unfortunately, the statement is true for all textile dyes: bright colors, but fragility in relation to washing, or dull colors and high strength. Pavlovo Posad shawls are traditionally bright and colorful, and therefore cannot be printed only with durable dyes. As for scarves, they should be resistant to wet processing – that’s why our scarves are printed with the strong dyes, though sometimes they lose in color because of this. As for the woolen fabric, from which our products are made, washing is not recommended for it, as for all woolen fabrics.
Thus, we can recommend only a dry cleaning for our woolen products. At your own peril, you can wash our woolen products in water with a temperature of no higher than 30 degrees, using only special detergents for wool or baby soap. After washing, rinse the handkerchief in warm, then cold water, adding a teaspoon of vinegar, gently squeeze, pat with a dry towel and dry, spreading on a horizontal surface. The handkerchief should be ironed with the remaining low humidity in the two-point mode.

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