Silk scarf “Serpentine” 1430-2

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Ref. code: M65X65

Creator: Valerya Fadeeva

Size: 65*65 cm

Fringe: no fringe

Manufacturer: Pavlovo Posad (RUSSIA)

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In our ( online store you can find only authentic and high quality «Pavlovo Posad Shawl Manufactory» shawls and scarves.

Pavlovo Posad products have great variety of ornaments. Actually all of these items are produced with attention to details and using modern technologies. However, the unique operations, for which Russian scarves are known for, are still handmade by craftsmen. Wraps are absolutely “green”. The work on each new product begins from the pattern and its future destiny depends on the correctness of the composition solution and on the chosen range of colors. All prepared models are reviewed and approved by the Arts Council, to which merited artists of the factory, representatives of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation and of the Art and Expert Council of the Moscow Region on folk arts and crafts are invited. Each model has its own artistic “name” given by the Creator (Author).

Russian scarves get prizes constantly at international competitions among many designer items with attention to designs and unique details.

Shawls and scarves are in great demand in women’s wardrobes as they are perfect and stylish in any weather. A high attention is guaranteed to you, when you wear it. Women try to have several Pavlovo Posad scarves in a wardrobe, because it’s a very stylish part of the outfit.

You can find hundreds of items with different colors, patterns and sizes in our online store. We are offering these great items in Europe, saving your time and money for import procedures, taxes etc.

Thank you for your visit and for your interest!


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